Bodycare And Massage

There are many massage styles across the world and our massage brings together some of the best features of each of them to combine them into a powerful and effective massage, delivered to the depth that is right for you.

We provide:

Relaxing Meridian Dry Massage                 $98/65 mins

Chinese medicine believes there is a distribution network for the fundamental substances of Qi, Blood and Body Fluids throughout the body. (These fundamental substances are different from the common western understandings of these terms, and their concepts are important for maintaining health using Chinese medicine.) This distribution network called the Meridian System looks like a giant web, linking different areas of our body together. Its pathways make up a comprehensive yet complex body map that supplies vital energy to every part of the body. 

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Massage                           $98/65 mins

Aromatherapy is a highly effective and powerful therapy that is working on three levels simultaneously:

Topically: When apply the essential oil to the body, it acts on the point of application - the skin. The oils balance dry or oily skin types. Antiseptic oils are excellent for acne, others will relieve dryness, inflammation and/or itchiness associated with different skin disorders.

Emotionally: As you the essential oil is applied, your brain awakens to the aromas of the oils. These aromas have been proven to have a significant psychological effect on people and can effect moods and emotions.

Physically: Essential oils are known to penetrate the skin and enter the blood stream. The time it takes for oils to enter your system depends on the oil, but Lavender for instance takes about 10 minutes for initial absorption and about 25 minutes for maximum absorption. They are quickly metabolized due to their simple organic chemistry and can have a profound physical effect.

Therapeutic Massage                 $49/30 mins & $98/65mins

The method of our remedial massage is called Yuan Shi Dian (YSD) and is based on the principle of "People the Foremost, Patient the Teacher". It started from zero without preconceived notions, was drawn bit by bit and evolved from practical performance on people. YSD is a type of natural medicine that is "safe and effective, simple and environmentally friendly, non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive". Its specific approaches are Antui (massage) of Yuan Shi Tong Dian (original pain point), replenishment of internal and external heat sources, coordinated with appropriate exercise, proper rest and a good state of mind and such, so as to improve body damage and heat energy deficiency, enable the body to restore to normal functioning and achieve the goals of self-healing and resolving Symptoms and Signs. 

Foot Reflexology                         $49/40 mins

The theory of foot reflexology was that the foot was linked to various parts of the body by a countless number of nerve endings. These nerves are carried through the body via the energy zones that run the length of the body from head to toe. All the part of the body are represented in specific areas of the foot, called "reflex points". Massaging the reflex points can help simulate the healing forces within the body. Regular foot massage is very beneficial to your vitality and therefore your health in general. A foot reflexology treatment can be both incredibly relaxing and very powerful.