Magneto-Optic Hair Reduction

Working Principle of 360 magneto-optic hair removal:

360 magneto-optical hair removal system principles is divided into two parts, one is the principle of photo pyrolysis of the IPL pulse and the other is the strong magnetic energy. Magnetic light is an intelligent and non-stripping skin reconstruction system with the technology of epidermal cooling technology, magnetic energy and multi-band IPL. Magnetic light combines the above technologies to provide targeted treatment for different skin types and different skin problems. Under the premise of the full protection of the epidermis (epidermis cooling technology), the use of magneto-optical technology can be a unique decomposition of the epidermis and dermis pigments (such as: zygomatic brown glider, etc.), it could maximum focus to the dermal collagen tissue and hair follicles of the hairy nipples

Hair Removal                                         Price

Upper Lip                                                  $30

Half Arms                                                 $75

Full Arms                                                  $130

Underarms                                               $65

Half Legs                                                  $200

Full Legs                                                   $380

Bikini Line                                                 $90

Brazilian                                                    $160