Skin Technology

Nimue Skin Technology is a primary leader and trendsetting innovator in the international Cosmeceutical skincare industry. Nimue is legendary for its pioneering innovations, results and world class formulations based on the effective combination, concentration and strength of AHA's. Nimue products conform to the EU cosmetics directive for safety, toxicology and risk assessment as well as GMP standards.

Unique Nimue AHA Concept

Specific research based on the unique Triple Combination (Glycolic, Citric, Lactic), Concentration(%) and Strength(PH) of AHA's that facilitate the optimum dermal skin rejuvenation with minimal skin irritations.

Traditional skincare vs Nimue

Traditional skincare

Skin cleansing - soap based

                          - Alkaline pH-strips skins natural acid mantle

Day and Night Care 

- Rich moisturisers create negative feedback cycle

- Skin loses ability to hydrate itself

- Restricted to beautifying on superficial level

Sun Protection

- Sunscreens high in chemical filters

- Harmful sun filters may cause irritation to the skin

Nimue - New generation=Derma-cosmeceuticals

Skin Cleansing - Acidic based

                           - Restores skin health without any irritation

Day and Night Care - Re-educate the skin

                                    - Skin hydrates itself

                                    - Ability to  heal and restructure the skin

                                    - Active process to treat signs of damage

Sun Protection - Synergistically formulated

                           - Provide optimum protection

                           - DNA protection

                           - Anti-ageing benefits

                           - No irritation